Adobe’s subtitling AI is good, but this free Resolve add-on has far more potential

An image of StoryToolKitAI transcribing the Chris Elliot pilot Action Family in Da Vinci Resolve.
Making subtitles, including rough machine-translated ones, has never been easier in Resolve. | Photo by Chris Person / The Verge

I love when people care about their subtitles. Not enough people on YouTube do it, and it’s wildly important from a basic accessibility perspective. What’s more, tons of people (myself included) prefer to watch movies with the subtitles on. And while the process of transcription itself can be tedious, you can have a lot of metatextual fun with authoring subtitles for dramatic effect, in particular with descriptive subtitles. So I wanna talk a little bit about a tool I use in DaVinci Resolve called StoryToolkitAI, which not only simplifies the process but actually has some rudimentary translation services built into it.

What are SRTs?

Screenshot by Chris Person / The Verge

SRTs are one of the most common formats…

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