Microsoft Edge now has a Bing AI chatbot sidebar

The Microsoft Edge web browser logo against a swirling blue background.
Image: The Verge

Microsoft is now rolling out its Bing AI-powered chatbot in a sidebar inside its Edge browser. The Bing sidebar was initially only available in dev versions of Edge, but it’s now rolling out to stable versions of Microsoft Edge on both Windows and macOS.

The new sidebar appears as a big Bing button at the top left of Edge, and hovering over or clicking on it will activate the new Bing chatbot experience. If you’re a member of the Bing preview, you can use the chat function to ask the chatbot questions or the compose option to generate text for emails, blog posts, letters, and much more.

Image: Microsoft

The new Bing sidebar in Microsoft Edge.

As the sidebar is based on the context of the page you’re viewing in…

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