The BlackBerry trailer shows the rise and fall of the keyboard phone

Screenshot of a frame showing someone typing on a prototype Blackberry
Image: IFC Films

This one’s for the BBMers and email enthusiasts — BlackBerry, an upcoming movie about the eponymous phone, has gotten a trailer. It stars Jay Baruchel (possibly best known for his role as Hiccup in the How To Train Your Dragon series), Glenn Howerton (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), and Matt Johnson, who’s also directing the project.

It looks like the movie will cover how the keyboard phone became the de facto business communicator and how it ended up losing to the smartphone. Perhaps one of the saddest shots in the trailer is Johnson’s Doug and Baruchel’s Mike Lazaridis watching Steve Jobs announce the iPhone, but there’s also a surprising amount of screaming and smashing phones as the characters work to get their company off the…

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