Netflix’s Kill Boksoon balances stylish assassinations with parenting in new trailer

A still photo of the actors Kim Si-A and Jeon Do-yeon in the Netflix film Kill Boksoon.
Kim Si-A and Jeon Do-yeon in Kill Boksoon. | Image: Netflix

Retiring as an assassin is never easy, and that’s definitely the case in the upcoming Netflix film Kill Boksoon. The movie follows Gil Boksoon (Jeon Do-yeon) as a killer with a perfect success rate but a rough relationship with her teenage daughter (Kim Si-a). She decides to retire to spend more time with her kid, but — of course — on her last mission, she discovers a secret that puts her up against the entire hitman industry, John Wick-style.

The latest trailer for the film shows off some slick and bloody action, a very stylish criminal underworld, and a few awkward moments that come from balancing parenthood with, you know, murdering for a living. Writer and director Byun Sung-hyun’s previous work includes the political drama Kingmaker…

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