Amazon Prime Air hoped for 10,000 drone deliveries this year — it’s only done 100

Amazon’s MK30 drone has six propellers in a hexagonal arrangement, with wings attached to the top and bottom arm pairs, and is colored blue and white. The middle is bulbous and teardrop shaped and has the amazon smile logo on it.
Amazon’s drone deliveries are stuck in regulatory mud. | Image: Amazon

Amazon is having a tough time with Prime Air, its drone delivery program. CNBC is reporting that it’s learned Amazon’s drones have made just 100 deliveries in the two locations in California and Texas the company is operating Prime Air.

The company had projected in January it would send 10,000 deliveries to customers via its fleet of flying robots by the end of 2023. It started off slow, with a report in February saying that Amazon had served fewer than 10 households. But the pace doesn’t seem to have picked up.

In light of its flagging progress, Amazon has now admitted to CNBC it has adjusted its delivery goal. The program has been in the works for close to a decade, with Prime Air was then Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announcing plans for…

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