Coinbase One subscriptions launch as the crypto company squares off with the SEC

The Coinbase One logo features concentric circles filled with blue gradients and a stylized number “1”
Coinbase hopes its new subscription service will make up for lost revenue. | Image: Coinbase

Hey, look at that; Coinbase brought its subscription service, Coinbase One, out of beta. TechCrunch reports the program is available in the US, UK, Germany, and Ireland, with plans to roll out in 31 more countries in the coming months. Coinbase’s senior director of product management, Phil McDonnell, told TechCrunch, “Maybe 18 months ago, it was very transactional. People come in, trade, pay a fee, and that was the relationship.”

The subscription brings benefits like no trading fees (under a per-user trading volume limit), boosted staking rewards, and more, over a year and a half after Coinbase began testing it in November 2021. In exchange, it brings more recurring revenue streams at a time the company might need them because the…

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