Larry Johnson Chats with Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch on Russia and Patriot Missiles

If you own Raytheon stock, sell. Russia has proven that the Patriot Missile is a dud when confronted by a peer military. That is one of the items I talk about with Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch.

I have known and respected Chris for a good while. I provided some tips to Judicial Watch about issues that needed to be investigated and they pursued those leads. Our discussion with my reaction to the Durham Report, followed by my update on Ukraine and Jack Teixeira.

In case you have not seen the video of the Patriot batteries that Russia hit with at least two Kinzhal missiles please take a look and count for yourself the number of Patriot missiles fired. Ukraine and many in the Western media are lying about the “success” of the Patriot in shooting down the Kinzhals. The Patriot system failed and I mean completely. As you watch the video you will see that 16 missiles are fired from a position adjacent to the letter “e” on the video. Then you will see some more Patriot missiles fired from a position slightly left of the first volleys (look at the spot near the letter “B”). Finally, you can see the approximate location of the third battery, which is to the left of the second battery.

Finally, you can see the explosion at the 2:14 mark in the video, which damaged and/or destroyed two of the Patriot batteries. It is important to understand that his is not an isolated, one-off attack. Russia initiated its own aerial offensive on 6 May and has been decimating Ukrainian military supply bases, tanks and artillery, and troops. I do not see how Ukraine will be able to mount a credible counter offensive to dislodge Russia from territory Ukraine covets because of Russia’s devastating preemptive aerial strikes.

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