Actress Susan Sarandon Dropped By Agency After Disgusting Remarks at NYC Pro-Palestine Rally: Jews ‘Are Getting a Taste of What it Feels Like to be Muslim in This Country’ (Video)

Actress Susan Sarandon went full terror apologist at a rally on Friday in New York City.

Dressed like the tired old hippy she is, she spoke to the crowd, asserting, ‘There are a lot of people afraid of being Jewish at this time and are getting a taste of what it feels like to be a Muslim in this country.’

Sarandon did not, however, provide examples of Muslims in the US being murdered, raped, and kidnapped by terrorists.

The New York Post reports that Sarandon also joined the crowd in chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” an anti-Semitic genocidal slogan that implies the decimation of Israel.

According to Fox News, Sarandon has now been dropped as a client of UTA, a major Hollywood agency, following her remarks, “A UTA spokesperson confirmed to Fox News Digital Sarandon is no longer repped by them.”

Author Asra Nomani, who was born into a Muslim family, took Sarandon to task on X for her twisted viewpoint.

“Let me give you ‘a taste’ of what it ‘feels like’ to be a Muslim in America:”

“My dad didn’t have to become a second-class indentured servant to one of the many tyrants of Muslim countries that use immigrants from India, like my family, as essential slaves. In 1975, after getting his PhD at Rutgers, he was about to go to Libya — a Muslim country — led by a Muslim, Moammar Qhadafi, to work like a servant with a PhD for a wealthy dictator…but then the phone rang one day and I picked it up…”

“My mom? Being Muslim in America meant she got to live FREE with the wind in her hair, like @AlinejadMasih fights for women in the Muslim nation of Iran to be able to enjoy.”

“In another ‘taste’ of being Muslim in America? My family got a pathway to citizenship. You think the Muslim dictatorship of Qatar allows a pathway to citizenship for Muslim slaves, servants or Palestinian Muslims? Hell no. The Muslim Al-Thani family just buys citizenship for Muslim soccer stars from countries in Africa to steal World Cup wins. But otherwise it treats non-Qatari Muslims like slaves. America? My family waited, took the test, studied the constitution and we are citizens — hallelujah!”

“This is a ‘taste’ of life for a Muslim family in America. Please don’t minimize the experience of Jewish Americans by sanitizing the hell that it is for Muslims living in Muslim countries and vilifying America for the life — and freedoms — she offers Muslims like my family. Go, live like a Muslim woman in a Muslim country. You will come back to America and kiss the land beneath your feet.”

Saradon’s X feed is filled with reposts of anti-semitic posts and support for Hamas terror apologists including former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Waters’s anti-Semitic positions, including denying Hamas’ responsibility for the October 7 attacks. Waters also called on the Israeli government to stop the “genocide” against the Palestinian people, openly aligning himself with Hamas terrorists.

Sarandon also shared a post by political commentator Jackson Hinkle suggesting that Israel murdered its own civilians on Oct. 7.

Hinkle’s post, shared by Sarandon, read: “ISRAEL AND HAARETZ (Israeli media) have now confined [sic] that an ISRAELI HELICOPTER MURDERED ISRAELI CIVILIANS ON OCTOBER 7.”

Haaretz’s “report” suggested an Israeli police helicopter responding to the massacre at the music festival may have accidentally killed civilians.

Israel Police has disputed Haaretz’s report.


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