Mid-Air Horror: Flames Erupt from Air Canada Boeing Jet During Takeoff (VIDEO)

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In a terrifying event caught on camera, flames were seen shooting from an Air Canada Boeing jet during takeoff, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing. The incident involved Flight AC872, which was en route from Toronto to Paris late Wednesday.

The video shows the shocking moment when flames erupted from the tail end of the plane just after it left the runway.

Speaking to CP24, Air Canada confirmed in a statement that the flames resulted from an unspecified “engine issue” that occurred immediately after takeoff. The Boeing 777 aircraft had 389 passengers onboard at the time of the incident.

“After the aircraft landed, it was inspected by airport response vehicles as per normal operating processes, and it taxied to the gate on its own,” said a representative from Air Canada. “The aircraft will be taken out of service for further evaluation by our maintenance and engineering professionals.”

The airline said that all passengers were rebooked on a different flight departing from Toronto later that evening.

A spokesperson for Toronto Pearson International Airport also confirmed to CP24 that the plane landed safely and was met by the fire department upon landing. The investigation into what caused this mid-air horror is ongoing.


Video captures moment Air Canada 777 had a compressor stall on departure from Toronto Pearson International Airport on Wednesday. AC872 returned safely 30 minutes later. pic.twitter.com/I8LrySWHBJ

— Breaking Aviation News & Videos (@aviationbrk) June 7, 2024

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that a severe and potentially catastrophic flaw has been identified in nearly 300 Boeing 777 jets operated by major airlines, including United and American Airlines.

This flaw, rooted in an electrical issue, poses a risk of causing the aircraft’s wing fuel tanks to ignite and explode, an investigation by Daily Mail has disclosed.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) highlighted this concern in a notice issued on March 25, 2024, which revealed that an “electrostatic discharge” near the center-wing fuel tanks could act as an ignition source, leading to a possible fire or explosion.

Critical Safety Alert: 300 Boeing Jets Flown by United and American Airlines Have Potential to Explode Mid-Air Due to Fatal Fault

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