U.S. Government PSYOP Needs to be Zeroed Out and Re-started Under Constitutional Principles

Special Operation Forces Week in Tampa is the premier gathering event for all things related to Special Operations.  On May 9, 2024, at the most recent event in Tampa, there was a session on “Operations in the Information Environment (OIE) Symposium”.  This title is simply another name for Psychological Operations (PSYOP).

Having been to the PSYOP Course at Ft. Bragg (now Ft. Liberty) in 1984, this panel caught my attention.  The name, functional areas, doctrine and tactics have evolved a bit since PSYOP was first introduced in the 1950s to fight Soviet Communism that was on a post-World War II rampage to topple the Western System.  The Doolittle Report, the founding strategy and document for the CIA roles and missions, emphasized the need for methodologies and capabilities to tell the American story and defeat the aggressive Soviet propaganda efforts.  PSYOP was key to the early CIA and the nascent American military special operations community.  It was quite effective in those early and heady days of a battle for survival against Communism.

At the 2024 OIE Symposium, the speakers bemoaned the poor state of American OIE (i.e. PSYOP).  The discussion emphasized the vague term “Dis-information”, seemed more concerned with Russia than China, and blamed “right-wing threats” for the Biden Administration having to cancel the Department of Homeland Security’s attempt to establish a Dis-information Board.  The themes and issues raised by the speakers answered their own questions and concerns.  Dis-information is now a Deep State code word for U.S. citizens exercising First Amendment rights.  The Dis-Information Board was being led by a self-confessed Mary Poppins of Dis-Information, Nina Jankowicz, who immediately after being fired disappeared to the international hotspot of Deep State “Dis-Information” experts, London.

2012 Smith-Mundt Update pivoted the messaging of the American Government toward the American People – and criminalized dissent

Having spent years in Army PSYOP units, I’ve struggled to understand this radical transformation of what was once considered a noble and high art form to counter the cancerous communist propaganda effort.  As opposed to what many think, the essence of PSYOP was very simple, tell the truth.  That’s the way it was in the early days of the CIA and the U.S. Military.  Things changed over the years, but it was the 2012 Smith-Mundt Update that inserted a radical change that has led to these dark current times.  I was in Government during the debate and drafting of the Smith-Mundt Update.  Although I had been trained for years that U.S. Government information should not be pointed toward the American people, the language seemed innocuous.  Why not share this information with the American People?  They already paid for it, so why hide it from them?

Well, one indicator was the double reverse, triple fake out projection tactics by Deep State Scions such as “Foreign Policy” the mouthpiece for one of the centers of globalism, the Council on Foreign Relations.  The headline in Foreign Policy was, “U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News to Americans,” in response to the Smith-Mundt update.  This was the same hysterical, AOC-level angst that in hindsight was the projection of their intent.  Before the 2016 and 2020 elections, the Democrats were a dither over Election Result manipulation.  Always pay attention to the rants of the Left – it usually is an advance reveal of what they intend to do to others.

Global Engagement Center at State Department is focused on spying on Americans instead of telling the American side of the story

The GEC traces its lineage to U.S. Embassy “Reading Room,” one of the incredibly effective information tools of the U.S. Government during the early days of the Cold War.  That was then, this is now.  Daniel Kimmage was the GEC speaker at Special Operations Week.  He is a perpetual careerist gadfly at the State Department since the Obama-Kerry days and a fanboy of the Russia Russia Russia gang.  Consider him a balding “Mary Poppins Dis-Information Expert” along the lines of Nina Jankowicz with a mustache and beard (Kimmage, not Jankowicz at last check)  Or perhaps a better expression – he is the Rob Malley of the Dis-information world – the disgraced State Department negotiator who is under FBI investigation for working for Iran.

The GEC is the subject of the Texas Attorney General, who is pursuing them in a Federal filing (naming one of my former co-workers) for giving money to non-profits such as the University of Washington (my undergraduate alma mater), Stanford, the Atlantic Council, and this London based Group, the Global Dis-Information Index (GDI) for creating lists of Americans to be targeted, censored, and silenced.  The GEC has been pummeled by the Inspector General of State Department – but curiously praised for the GEC efforts on countering dis-information on the efficacy of the COVID vaccine – the most recent IG report released before the groundswell of safety findings against the vaccine.  Senator Ted Cruz is one of many legislators firing off sharp statements and release of inside documents by the GEC.

Practitioners have to believe in America, be politically agnostic, and have a known moral starting point and belief system

The bemoaning at Special Operations Week by the PSYOP experts was at least partially a projection.  The adults in the room in charge of the current PSYOP have been part of the cabal weaponizing the U.S. Government message against the American People.  The American Constitutional Republic, although not perfect, is the best form of governance created in human history.  The American Government needs a way to tell its story to foreign audiences but not target, censor, and silence American Citizens.

To successfully tell this story, practitioners need to believe in the American Constitutional Republic, be agnostic on domestic political matters, and have a faith foundation, recognizing the Judeo-Christian foundation of the American system.  Without this, they are merely bellowing partisans, no different than any other Baghdad Bob or Mary Poppins of Dis-information throughout history.

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